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I climbed up that.
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Caged showgirl  Shooting with @rocky_zombie in #Moscow  #circus #cirque #sexy #showgirl #altmodel #inkedgirls #glamour #luckyhell #photoshoot #photography #vintage #daredevil #femmefatale
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Chapli kabob (چپلی کباب) is an Afghan burger made with spicy lamb, chicken or beef mince, greens, onions and tomatoes mix. Often served in or with a side of Nan-e-Afghani (Afghan traditional bread) or basmati rice. The kebobs get their name “Chapli” because of the way they are shaped, the word Chapli derives from the Pashto word Chaprikh, also meaning “flat”. It is a popular dish both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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Final lines from Bring Me The Horizon’s discography; 2004 - 2013

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imagine-fandoms asked you: artoo or threepio?

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When the bae texts you to come over
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'In a society where all adventure has been destroyed, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.'

I think about this quote pretty often
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